prof. Aristotelis Naniopoulos, CIPTEC Coordinator (AUTh, Greece)


prof. Aristotelis Naniopoulos, Evangelos Genitsaris (AUTh, Greece)

Text editing:

Evangelos Genitsaris, Afroditi Stamelou (AUTh, Greece)

Graphic design:

Maggie Papacharalampous (AUTh, Greece)

Flow charts:

Evangelos Genitsaris (AUTh, Greece), Ilias Trochidis (Tero, Greece)


Simone De Ioanna (White Research, Belgium)

Leader of Work Package 5:

Saverio Gini (MemEx, Italy)


This publication comprises an online tool that aggregates the project’s results, building mainly on the Toolbox report (D5.1), the short version of Toolbox report (D5.2) and the CIPTEC booklet (Sep. 2017).


This tool was made possible, in the frame of WP5, thanks to the research project’s outcomes and the input derived from all CIPTEC deliverables (reports), prepared by the CIPTEC partners. Especially, the CIPTEC Toolbox report for Public Transport Innovation (D5.1, responsible partner: MemEx, Italy) and the short version of CIPTEC Toolbox report for Public Transport Innovation (D5.2, responsible partner: AUTh, Greece) were used as the primary reference document for this publication. Some deliverables’ content was edited properly for clarity and length management.


Photos that are the property of certain organisations are referenced.

The rest photos were downloaded from: and under the conditions applicable to each case.


No part of this tool may be used, reproduced and/or disclosed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the CIPTEC project coordinator.