Key References

CIPTEC deliverables & publications

D1.1: Report on major market trends, the effect of societal trends on market and their influence on public transport

D1.2: Report on analysis of customers’ groups and users’ needs per customer group

D1.3: Report on PT Authorities and Operators’ mapping/typology and needs

D1.5: Implementation of workshops and personal interviews with experts

D2.1: Guidelines for field research design and relevant material on existing innovative practices

D2.2: Portfolio of public transport services and “products” targeted to the traditional and new customer base, incorporating field research results

D2.3: Portfolio of existing innovative supply from other transport systems or/and business sectors, incorporating field research results

D2.4: Workshop on existing innovative supply

D3.1: Collective intelligence conceptual framework and guidelines

D3.3: Plan for co-creation/co-design workshops

D3.4: Summary reports for collective intelligence initiatives (crowdsourcing platform, co-creation/co-design workshops)

D3.5: Evaluation report for the Collective intelligence process’s output

D4.1: Conjoint Analysis report

D4.2: Lab experiments report

D4.3: Field experiments report

D5.1: “Toolbox for Public Transport Innovation” Guide (full version report)

D6.1: Workshops’ preparation and design

D6.2: Workshops’ outcome report: social innovation in PT and the overcoming of barriers

D6.3: “Model” Strategy reports of PT providers

D6.4: Policy recommendations


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Main external sources

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The content of this publication is mainly derived from the CIPTEC project’s deliverables. All external sources used for this content, are referenced in details in the respective CIPTEC deliverables.