Superpromoter for attracting new customers in Public Transport

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Superpromoter for attracting new customers in Public Transport

The Superpromoter Academy founded to spread knowledge about enthusiasm and the Superpromoter concept

Vogelaar, R. (2010) The Superpromoter: The Power of Enthusiasm , Palgrave Macmillan available at

The superpromoter action should involve people allocated in the management/strategic positions and people working from daily operation (following a top-down approach). For each position the best skilled person must be selected (in terms of knowledge of internal processes, communication skills, etc.). Volunteers must be considered firstly but also the “hidden” attitude must be helped to appear.

An internal “training” session can help the super promoters to face the users in daily Public Transport practice. In this session members of the Public Transport stakeholder acts as “users” but the involvement of external people (i.e. relatives, friends, etc.) is a better approach in order to simulate how the users are approaching to innovative measures and solutions.

A number of Public Transport Authorities/Operators can be appointed as superpromoters to foster the "internal" cultural change towards the marketability of Public Transport services.

Superpromoters will be selected among different workers categories (Management Board, planning office, technicians working in service control, fleet management and vehicles maintenance, marketing and customer care, etc.). Superpromoters will act at two-fold levels:

  • internally being responsible to foster behavioural change and participation process in their own organizations
  • towards the customers and potential users in order to explain new services/products, collecting feedbacks and suggestions how to improve them, promote their use, motivate the choices carried out in the different area (planning, ticketing, customer care, etc.) and allow the citizens to participate closely to the design and operation of Public Transport service.

Superpromoter can be seen as an innovative way to build a direct contact with customer to promote Public Transport services and to foster the change of cultural behaviour within the organization of Public Transport stakeholders. Its effects can be more effective that other traditional promotional activities but if the quality and the responsiveness of Public Transport does not comply with users' needs and expectations, the promotion could be ineffective in the medium and long term

  • Marketing and promotion, customer care
  • Service models, organization and management
  • Societal involvement, new entrepreneurship

Implementation case
  • Attracting more customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Improving customer orientation
  • Increase promotion

  • Individual empowerment
  • Population ageing

The superpromoter can be considered as one of the various actions to be carried out in the internal organization of a Public Transport stakeholder as a part of a more extended “cultural approach” change in setting the objectives and related managing process for the improvement of Public Transport quality through innovative and co-participative approaches. The organizations with a role in Public Transport chain must evolve towards a more pro-active approach giving to each of their staff components the opportunity to be part of the evolution towards new service and quality improvement: the contribution of all (in the daily practice) is required and relevant.

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