Computer and Human Interaction Improvement

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Computer and Human Interaction Improvement

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1) Identify system specification for local needs

2) Identify infrastructure requirements and costs

3) Identify training needs

4) Visit sites, where system is in operation.  Discuss with the manufacturers, operators and authorities to get feedback on product performance.

1) Implementation plan required, covering all tasks from testing to full implementation

2) Project manager required in order to manage implementation process

3) Testing of product on a limited number of vehicles

4) Establish reliability and accuracy of product

5) Role product out across network

6) Assess feedback and monitor

FANCI System is a newly developing platform, still at a research level, which represents achievements in other transport modes with potential implications for Public Transport in order to improve safety and security, as well as economic efficiency.

The European Horizon 2020 FANCI system competes with the American Start-up Emotient Inc., which uses artificial intelligence technology to read people’s emotions and was recently bought by Apple Inc. Comparatively, the EU-funded project’s concept focuses on developing better links between human senses and natural computer interfaces. It shows, in a completely new way, how the driver and the vehicle can interact in reality at low costs. FANCI plans to carry out studies with drivers, where the authentication and interaction with the car’s accessories, such as selecting music depending on the driver’s mood, live-eye tracking, or brightness level of display will be tested. At the moment, partners use existing technologies to integrate various components before they develop the final architecture. According to the project’s technical explanation: “…vision is the most demanding sensor in terms of power consumption, an optimised implementation will be proposed for the core device, leading to an “always-on” system able to run below 5mW in always-on mode and below 100mW in fully active mode, this for 28nm process technology…” (FANCI Project, 2016).

  • Infrastructure and vehicle
  • ITS
  • Service models, organization and management

General concept
Goal-oriented/efficient organization
  • Improve safety and security
  • Improving customer orientation
  • Performance orientation

Innovative technologies

The following actions should be considered when deciding to purchase FANCI system:

  • Feasibility Study to set specification for project highlighting objectives and success criteria
  • Cost benefit analysis – What is the return on investment?
  • Training Plan – For all stakeholders who will use system
  • Reporting structure – How will results be managed and reported?
High (>8 months)
Medium (KEuro)
Medium (between 5 and 50 KEuro)
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