Driving monitoring and training tool

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Driving monitoring and training tool

Joint working between stakeholders, vehicle manufacturers, bus operators and employees/ trade unions. Agreeing benchmarking standards is required.

Agreeing performance standard reporting required. Agreeing how to apply penalties for drivers who ate not able to come up to required standards.

A number of systems monitoring driver performance through software linked to vehicle CAN bus system. The breaking, deceleration, acceleration, G-Forces can be recorded along with fuel consumption. Driving instructors can act as a benchmarking to provide “best practice example” for any given vehicle being used on any given line.

Information downloaded from the vehicle will report on how each driver is performing against benchmarking standard. Drivers who are out with acceptable standards of performance can be retrained to provide more consistent levels of performance, enhancing passenger comfort, reducing wear and tear on vehicles, reducing fuel costs.

  • ITS
  • Service models, organization and management

General concept
Goal-oriented/efficient organization
  • Improve comfort
  • Improving customer orientation
  • Performance orientation

  • Environmental degradation
  • Individual empowerment

Bus operators and vehicle manufacturers should consider making this type of system standard in design of all buses. This will require vehicle manufacturers to work with bus operators and trade unions to ensure system requirements meet the needs of all stakeholders.

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Low (<5 KEuro)
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