Evaluation & decision taking supporting methods

Evaluate the case, then take a decision!

It is widely assumed that Public Transport and mobility users have diverse preferences when it comes to choosing transportation and mobility solutions, a notion that also extends to innovations. This is not an “easy-taken” decision, as the actual introduction of innovative concepts into everyday operations and to the benefit of citizens has not been without challenge. Therefore, these selected innovative concepts should be further evaluated.

A couple of evaluation methods based on experts’ and/or users’ opinion exist. However, each organisation should recognise which one of them suits better its priorities and needs.

In various stages of the ‘Innovation Flow’ graph, you will be asked to take a decision, evaluate the examined case/situation or validate the information you have already gathered. There are various structured, systematic and sophisticated methods and techniques to use that could help you minimise bias and subjectivity. According to the particular phase you are working on, these methods could enable you to reach consensus, prioritise certain attributes, investigate users’ preferences, gain insights on customers’ behaviour, etc. This way, you will be equipped with the necessary feedback to interpret correctly any case and take evidence-based decisions.