Innovative "light" system for fleet monitoring and provision of users information

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Innovative "light" system for fleet monitoring and provision of users information

PTO/PTA needs to define the objectives/targets of Celso implementation (i.e. real-time service control, users’ information, service validation) and the operational scenarios (i.e. Celso implemented as system or accessed as service).

The definition of the specifications for the import of scheduled timetable.

Celso is the winning breakthrough Automatic Vehicle Monitoring (AVM) system, adding to standard AVM functionalities (service monitoring, regulation, users information) an efficient assessment of bus service performances compared to scheduling (service validation) at remarkably lower prices than any other competitor on the AVM market.

The revolutionary Celso idea is based on two elements: a simple APP with easy to use driver interface and light technologies, such as smartphones and tablets and to collect service data during bus operations; an innovative data mining tool to validate Public Transport services. Its performance surpasses competing AVM products is terms of availability of a validated set of data which can be exploited by Public Transport stakeholders to improve Public Transport services and overall mobility.

Celso design is based on 25 years of experience brought by MemEx in consultancy for AVM testing and operation and in assessment of Public Transport service performance.

Implementation case
Goal-oriented/efficient organization
  • Improve punctuality and reliability
  • Increase promotion

Innovative technologies

The definition of appropriate procedure and responsibilities for service monitoring/validation.

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