Virtual Ticket Vendor

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Virtual Ticket Vendor

A costs/benefits analysis is required in order to assess the estimated potential of the solution in terms of customers attractiveness (taking into account any barrier in terms of “digital divide”) and costs savings (reducing the vendor operators).

This solution is suitable for train/metro stations and where the costs for the management of remote centre is sustainable.

It must be decided if the remote centre is implemented or purchased as a service.

The general idea behind the innovation is to provide support remotely to customers at automatic vending machine in order to make customers more comfortable during the tickets purchase.

The idea of the innovation is to allow operators to locate ticketing staff in one place, interacting with customers through high-definition screens and high speed connection network at any other connected stations: from a central customer care service, from other tickets office or from any connected workstation. This system will allow to remotely support the users requiring help for the tickets purchase at automatic vending machine, to manage in real time irregular cases occurring in the purchase procedure and to register complaints to a real staff person. The support will be provided on-demand (when the user sends an help request). Also personalized services for the customer would be provided: for instance, giving to the users the possibility to speak with a own language operator (recognized by log in). The system has been presented as new innovation in 2014 and it has been demonstrated for piloting in a limited number of sites and under specific context: train services and airport services. The system is not a product widely present on the market as it is supplied by a unique provider and it not fully deployed on a large scale.

  • ITS
  • Service models, organization and management

General concept
  • Large urban area
  • Metropolitan areas

  • Integrated network
  • Metro/Light rail
  • Train

  • Attracting more customers
  • Goal-oriented/efficient organization
  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Better experience
  • Improve accessibility

  • Globalization
  • Innovative technologies
  • Population ageing

A remote assistance centre to provide real-time assistance to customers is required.

Low (<4 months)
Medium (KEuro)
Medium (between 5 and 50 KEuro)
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