Travel Bonus

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Travel Bonus

Development of practical organisation of the process, taken into account the operational procedure and adaption of operational workflow.

The PTO’s should implement the solution. The PTA’s have to make sure that there is a good cooperation among them and that they involve the right stakeholders.

The travel bonus makes possible to travel with a single product at various operators and paying travel expenses sfterwards. In case with more than €75 travel costs per month, the traveler will receive a €10 discount.

The Public Transport companies in South Holland and Zeeland introduced together with other provinces and the Metropolitan region Rotterdam – The Hague a new travel product:  Travel Bonus. With the Travel Bonus the travelers can travel with one product at the different transport companies (Arriva, Connexxion, HTM, HTMbuzz, RET en Veolia) and pay their travel costs afterwards. In case of travel costs, more than € 75 travel per month, the traveler will receive a €10 discount. This new travel product is requested by the Dutch Government to develop more alternatives for the smart card and the subscriptions.

Regularly, travelers have to use different modalities of different PTO’s within South Holland and Zeeland. So, they have to purchase different subscriptions. Travel Bonus offers a solution. With Travel Bonus people are not stuck with one subscription form. The traveler does not pay a fixed amount per month, but pays per kilometre. Less travel means less cost and travelling more means receiving a bonus. Travel bonus can also be used on an anonymous Public Transport smartcard and can be shared. This means more freedom-happiness, and means more convenience for travelers. Travel bonus does not work with a subscription or a discount product that is already on the Public Transport smart card.

Finance and business models
Implementation case
  • Large urban area
  • Metropolitan areas

Integrated network
Attracting more customers
  • Better experience
  • Improve accessibility
  • Improving customer orientation

  • Flexible economy
  • Shared economy

Large political support in the start. Furthermore coordination between stakeholders and the transport companies.

High (>8 months)
High (MEuro for an implementation)
High (over 50KEuro/year for an implementation)
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